Dear William on your 4th Birthday

Dear William,

Today you turn 4. While I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed, I’ve also tried hard this past year to slow down and enjoy you in the moment.

You are sweet and sensitive ..but you can also be a bit grouchy at times. Instead of trying to change this particular quality, I’ve learned that this is just who you are. And like adults, you are going to have bad days and good days.

Your favorite person in the whole wide world is your older brother, Walker. You want to do everything he does, and I mean EVERYTHING!

Cars driving by scare you so you always grab my hand when we cross the street.

Your favorite game is Candyland and you could eat yogurt as your every meal of every day.

This is just a small snippet of you who are and I genuinely love spending my days with you.

Happy 4th Birthday buddy! You are SO LOVED!



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