"Mom, what were we like when we were little?"

"Mom, what were we like when we were little?"

In between packing lunches, managing tantrums, searching for lost stuffed animals and eating a diet of food your kids didn't finish...

Raising a family is an adventure to say the least!

It sometimes feels impossible to catch your breath long enough to capture the moments you never want to forget.

(And really, getting everyone in one photo, MOM INCLUDED, is way too much on your own. That's why there are professionals for this kind of thing!)

But the idea of stuffy, posed portraits doesn't really feel like a great solution.

Strained smiles and certain family members who hate the whole process....


Which is exactly why my passion is lifestyle photography

Family portraits (and films) that capture your loved ones at their best:

Laughing in a tickle fight 01
Stomping through fall leaves02
Playing peek-a-boo with the baby03

You know, those moments that you WISH were captured where everyone’s personality shines through because you’re totally connected?!

As a mom of two, it's always my goal to take THESE kinds of photos.

Hi! Mia Here!

As a young mom, I had those days when I felt like I was drowning in all the “to-dos.” Photography was merely a hobby back then. Until I hit a turning point.

I’ll never forget it. I was sitting with a client turned friend reviewing her shots. And we both had tears in our eyes.

The photos that played on the screen celebrated her new pregnancy but also memorialized the stillborn baby she had lost the previous year.

In that moment, I remember feeling both sadness and joy for my friend. But also the distinct feeling of a light bulb burning bright.


I look back on it now and can see clearly that, for her, those images were proof that she had survived an unbelievable heartbreak.


For me, I was freezing a moment in time, showing her how beautiful her story was.


It wasn’t until that moment that I knew I had to forge ahead with photography, despite the survival mode I was living in with two small kids and a husband who traveled for work.


So I jumped feet-first into learning more about photography. Dedicating my kids’ nap time to getting better at my craft.


Fast forward to today, my boys are a little older, my husband is home more and I’m the owner of a thriving photography business.


And because I know what it’s like to feel like you’re drowning, or you can’t possibly add one more thing to your plate, it’s become my mission to capture real-life photos and films that show your family's connection.


I know with me as your photographer, we can create more than just some pretty pictures so you can answer the question of “mom, what were we like when we were little?” with gorgeous photos and videos that will last a lifetime.


Family in bed smiling at newborn baby girl

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