I’m BACK!!!

To say that I’ve neglected my blog the past few months is a HUGE HUGE understatement.  But there are several VALID reasons why!

First, I moved!!!!  Yes, yes, I’m still coming to terms with it myself.  Vermont and the 802 is no longer my area code.  Picture a giant sad face here.

My husband, Matt, and I packed up after 7 years together in the Green Mountain State and moved to Yorktown, Virginia.  Let me tell you, it was no small feat.  In 7 years you can accumulate A LOT of stuff.  And like most people, we had.  After some major de-cluttering, we packed it all up while making sure our 2 year -old son wasn’t accidentally stuffed in a box or swept up into the moving truck by the movers!

The whole process was so emotional and extremely bittersweet.  You never realize how attached you’ve become to certain things, people or a lifestyle until you have to say goodbye to them.

I LOVED our quaint little country home, generous neighbors and sweet friends in VT and I miss all three dearly.  At the same time, it’s been exciting exploring a new place and meeting new people.

We moved because Matt accepted a job at Langley Air Force Base and it took a few months for all 3 of us to adjust.  In the beginning, we were homesick but now I can happily say we are embracing our new “southern” lifestyle (I had no idea how GOOD real BBQ can be!).

Two weeks before the move, I shot my very first wedding of the super adorable + hilariously in love couple Marissa + Phil.  It was a gorgeous day and I truly felt fortunate that they picked me to be their photographer!  Thankfully, I had the wonderful Jamie of Team J and letter10creative by my side.  I couldn’t have asked for a better sidekick.  Thank you Marissa + Phil and thank you Jamie!

On top of all that, after a mere month in Virginia, my grandmother passed away.  My incredibly kind + sweet + understanding Nannie.  I could write pages and pages about the kind of woman she was.  But all that really needs to be said is this: she was a BEAUTIFUL person inside and out.  TRULY.  A woman of conviction who put God and her family above EVERYTHING else.  She was and *IS* an inspiration.  I miss her very much and I’m glad my son got to meet her.

I don’t want to end this post on a sad note.  Instead, here’s a brief snapshot of my life these past few months.


The beautiful bride and groom

Giving me their best “serious” face…I’d say they got this one down!!

Marissa was smiling the whole day long.  It was so sweet + touching to watch!

The whole gang, ready to PARTY!!!!

This is the first picture I took of our new home in Virginia the day we pulled into the driveway.  And my son, Walker, enjoying his first Virginia snowman!

My Nannie. My shining light. And now MY guardian angel. Photo taken at my wedding in 2008 by my good friend Cindy Cieluch.

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